Jungle Adventure Boy Escape Game

Jungle Adventure Boy Escape

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The jungle nearby is an enchanted place and that's why nobody really goes there, not even the locals. So it's safe to say that the place is uninhabited. But people who have been daredevils though and went into the place have said that there are stone structures in there and probably remnants of settlements. Gino did not believe that for he respects the place and those daredevils are just lucky to escape, for before people who enters the place would become lost and not to be seen for again. Well he respects it and its capabilities, but his younger brother however who was just a boy did not listen to him and let his curiosity gets the best of him!

Gino saw his brother in the distance within the forest and he thought at first it was the illusions of the place, but when he tried to look for him he was really nowhere to be found! Gino quickly went and made his first-step into the jungle for he knows now that the boy he saw was his brother. This is not good now for both of them could get lost in there, escape players will you help Gino here in the jungle of illusions so he can be quick in rescuing his brother?

Jungle Adventure Boy Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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