Turkey Dinner Escape Game

Turkey Dinner Escape

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Leaving from a dinner party especially at thanksgiving can be quite rude and unacceptable, but what would one do though if he or she is being bullied? Turkey Dinner Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Selfdefiant.

It's thanksgiving and everyone in the family is going to celebrate it in Jonathan's little house and he though then, how are they all going to fit in? Guess his parents are just thrilled to have some new company in the place, but Jonathan however was not really feeling that peachy. Finally, some of the guests have arrived and it's bad enough for him that his cousins who were absolute jerks had come first. Jonathan was slowly being bullied as time goes by and he knows it'll only escalate if he stays, he also thought what more would happen if his other jerk cousins arrives?

Luckily Jonathan has an emergency plan for something like this, he has a secret path out of the house knowing that he will be seen leaving through the front-door if he does and those ruffians would stop him then. Escape players, want to join Jonathan here as you all find his secret path out of the house and away from this hell he is experiencing? Go ahead then, those bullies needs to get what's coming for them.

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