Secret Bunker Escape (Selfdefiant for Mouse City) Game

Secret Bunker Escape (Selfdefiant for Mouse City)

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People said that zombies are not real and there's no way that it will come true. But in your case, you strongly believe in zombies. So you made sure that you are ready when the time comes. You made a bunker where you can hide when zombie apocalypse happens. You don't want the people to think that you are crazy so you want to keep this as a secret as much as possible. Earlier this day, you decided to clean up the secret bunker. But when you tried to open the door, a problem arose. The supplies that you need are complete in the bunker. There are food, drinks and clothes but there is one thing missing and that is the key. You don't have extra key that you can use to open the door. Therefore, you have to find another way to escape from the secret bunker.

Remember that no one knows about this place. So, you can't ask anybody for help thus this won't be a secret anymore. In that case, you have to use your own logic to escape. Secret Bunker Escape (Selfdefiant for Mouse City) is a brand new room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck!


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