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Destination 01

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Here we present you a destination of a lifetime, for it's a place which exists only in children's imagination. Destination 01 is a brand new point and click mysterious place escape game released by 5n Games.

Caleb was trying to reach a so-called secret place in the forest and he heard or read actually, that the place is wonderful like it's straight from a fairy-tale story! Caleb had researched about it extensively and what he had found was enough to convince him to finally search for that very place. After a long journey which seems like it doesn't have an end, he really managed to arrive in what he only read in books and the old houses there were definitely not typical. But there's something weird in there however, for it seems that nobody is home and the entire area seems abandoned.

Caleb thought he might find weird people there for according to the things he read, there are people living there and they somehow are far from normal. Well looks like it's just another mystery that he needs to solve in this new destination. Escape players, Caleb here is in a mysterious place and even though a lot of data about it had been already read by him, a lot for him is still a big question mark. Come and join us here everyone and let us all discover the place of what it really is.

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