Wooden House Escape (5n Games) Game

Wooden House Escape (5n Games)

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Woods are the best in making a house. First, because it is cheap and second, it is just a light material so the air can easily pass through. However, there are pros and cons in making a wood house. Yes it is cheap and light but it is also not as durable as cement house. Not only air, bugs can also easily pass through those woods and this makes the wood brittle. This is what happened to your wood house. The bugs ate some parts of your door that's why it broke. The door is not passable so you have to find an alternative way to escape from the Wooden House. You thought of calling your friends for help but your phone has low battery. So you have to escape by yourself.

There are items in your house that you can use to escape. Use your logic and think of a way to use these objects. Gather it all so you can make a huge escape tool. Are you up for the challenge? Play Wooden House Escape (5n Games) by 5n Games and collect some useful items. This exciting room escape game is made by 5n Games. Good luck and have fun!

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