Trekking Boy Forest Escape Game

Trekking Boy Forest Escape

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Everybody knows that it's not easy to venture in the forest even though it has a trail, they all recommend getting a guide before entering but still there are people who would not listen and enter illegally. One of them was this guy who went there for an adventure without any gear and such necessary for the trek! What was he thinking? Now the last thing was heard from him was a report that he is gone and there is a very high chance that he is lost in the forest somewhere. As an expert of the place, Randall needs to save that guy wherever he is before it gets dark again and he'll be spending another cold night in the place. Will he be able to find him?

Randall is puffing a sigh for he is also risking his life whenever he enters the place, and now he'll be doing it because of the ignorance and carelessness of others. But he is still people and hopefully this will bring that guy a life-changing lesson. Escape players, Randall needs a hand here also, will you be able to join him on the rescue and see that the person gets home safely?

Trekking Boy Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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