Grandma Rescue (Ekey Games) Game

Grandma Rescue (Ekey Games)
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A few years ago, George's family had sent the grandmother of the family to the old village area so she can have a good quality of life and an even longer one hopefully. But one day however as George's grandma was alone in the house made for her there, someone needs to be with her and that's why George decided that he'll be the one to stay until other family members returns from their trip. And so, George drove a few hours there and arrived early in the morning, but as he expected a welcoming grandma there for him however, he came to find-out something else!

George's grandma is trapped in her house and somehow he doesn't understand if his grandma tried to be calm amidst the situation or just tired from struggling, but of course still he very much needs to rescue his grandma for he came to keep her safe and with company. Escape players, will you help George here as he rescues his grandmother without of course damaging her house? Join George here then and solve whatever is causing the problem there.

Grandma Rescue is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by Ekey Games.

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