Tiny Cottage Escape Game

Tiny Cottage Escape

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Warren just got locked-out of his house after he locked his barn for the night! He really didn't remember locking his own place especially his door but it seems to be that now, and he can't get in without his keys which was inside the house at the moment. Warren needs to get inside his place now for it is dark already and he still has a lot of things to do the day after, that's why he needs to be in bed right-now. Will Warren be able to open his cottage before this problem persists and he will be needing an immediate rescue?

Escape players, come and try this challenge here as Warren tries to find a way to get himself inside his place for the night is getting deeper as he thinks of a fast but not destructive way. Solve puzzles by looking for various items around Warren's area and manipulate them to open the door without destroying anything. Find-out also if possible why the door got locked for the problem can be something new and it could persist.

Be ready for this challenge everyone! Tiny Cottage Escape is another new point and click house escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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