South Coast Escape Game

South Coast Escape

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Audrey was moving around the south coast of the country for she was looking for the beach, it is suppose to be an easy search for one can just smell the ocean breeze and people will know then which direction to go, it is strange and unfortunately Audrey's problem only got worst for she is lost in the place now! Audrey doesn't feel abandoned or alone though for there are people around whom she can ask where to go, but it was silly still for the people she asked have their own directions and that only got Audrey running in circles! That resulted in her getting even more lost in the place.

Audrey must follow her instincts now if she ever wants to find her way out or just be on the beach or something. Escape players, want to help Audrey here out as she navigates the area of the south coast? Place yourself on her situation then and be ready for anything because Audrey is not out of the woods just yet and you can get even more lost as you venture in the area.

South Coast Escape is the newest point and click city escape game created by Selfdefiant.

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