Joyous Girl Escape Game

Joyous Girl Escape

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The girl whom Sasha visits every week is always happy to see her, that's why she is a welcomed guest now in the little girl's home. That day, the girl's mother will be running an errand and she needs somebody to take-care of her kid for just a few hours, of course Sasha took it up for not only she has nothing to do that day, the kid was actually fun to be with. Sasha and the kid played a few games and just the typical babysitting, but then a problem came-up and it unfortunately involves the girl Sasha was babysitting!

The little girl just got trapped in her room and she was screaming to Sasha for help! The girl's usual happiness suddenly disappeared, that got Sasha really concerned to the point that she acted quickly. Sasha seems to be having a hard-time opening the door and on the other side, the girl seems to be having a hard time trying to open her door as well. Something is definitely wrong here and that's why Sasha must solve this now. Escape players, come and help Sasha rescue the trapped girl here and quickly before she gets hurt in her attempt to get herself free.

Joyous Girl Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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