Tiled Roof House Escape Game

Tiled Roof House Escape

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Tiled roofs are becoming a real thing in the village here and the use of hay and very light materials as roofing here gets blown away by strong mountain winds, heavy log roofing is also not so good for it is too heavy and if the beams are weak, it can collapse potentially killing anybody inside, that makes tiled roofing a better option and it's not as expensive as log roofing. That's not the concern in the place at the moment however, for as a person who informs the people in the place about his new business of tile-roofing entire houses, Victor came across someone who needs help and of course it is his fellow villager, he must lend his hand.

Victor was approaching one of his neighbor's houses who has a log-roofed house, he was about to knock when he heard a call of help from inside! Victor didn't know what was going-on at first until he realized that his neighbor was actually trapped. That person got mysteriously locked inside his own place and is in-need of a rescue, will you join Victor here who is willing to help his neighbor with his mysterious problem? Escape players, use everything you will find then around the house so you can pry the door open.

Tiled Roof House Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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