One Roof Escape

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This land here is peaceful and that’s why David is living there in his small house even though the general place is open and vast forest. David had really went through a tough time when he first moved there, but now he had figured the place’s flow and that’s why he now survives there. But there was always a problem of traversing out of there though and that’s why he seldom does that. What’s the trouble concerning that? Well half the time he gets lost in the several paths there for the forest is really not static, it changes at times and that’s what is getting David in trouble as he goes.

That day he went out from there again for he wants to purchase something in the nearby town and he just prays he won’t get lost there. Well unlucky for him, he will and it’s not like he’ll be unprepared for that, he just doesn’t want to deal with this kind of thing right-now. Escape players, want to help David here so he can get to the town quickly? Get him going or it will get dark and he will be traversing the forest there in the night just to get home.

One Roof Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for One Roof Escape

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