Jolly Prince Rescue

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Jolly Prince Rescue is the newest point and click daring rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun rescues with us in the castle. Best of luck!

The prince in the kingdom is the most vital person now, for he is heir to the throne and at the moment, he is the only eligible candidate and his father the king is very much approve of it. But that day however, as the king’s right-hand, Ambrose has a very urgent mission on his hands and he was called on to it quickly which he did not really expect. The prince just got trapped somewhere in the branch castle which was a ways away from the main and there are only a few guards there!

Much help must be brought in that place quickly for the kingdom has a lot of enemies and this could already be their plan unfolding, or if it’s not then this could also be a chance for them to attack while everything is still unstable. Escape players, Ambrose must carry this rescue mission given to him successfully and he must definitely fail, for that could potentially change the course of history for the kingdom forever. Place yourself on the shoes of Ambrose here then everyone, stay alert on the rescue as well for there are a lot of doors in the place which could bring confusion to everyone.