Mysteries Forest Escape 6 Game

Mysteries Forest Escape 6

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Gilbert tried his real best to escape from the forest where he ventured into and got lost, he was able to though and now he is safe. In another location however, Tim ventured into a forest which had an ancient path and was once used by ancient people and it was even created by them. The forest's old path goes for miles and in every direction, most haven't been even ventured into yet, so that day Tim is going to try just one path for an adventure into the place, if he gets lost or concerned then he'll just have to follow the path back right? Well that is easier said than done.

Tim followed the path and it led him very deep into the forest and it's getting him pretty concerned that he took a dead-end one, so he turned around but when he did he realized there was a problem, for the path had disappeared! That made the situation a lot serious for Tim, now he needs help escape players, are you willing to help him escape from the place before the sun goes down? If so then be ready for the adventure as well!

Mysteries Forest Escape 6 is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Mirchigames. This game is a continuation of the previous one as its sequel, and is a part of the first as the start of the series.

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