The Robin Rescue Game

The Robin Rescue

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Try this rescue here inside a strange place filled with locked doors. The Robin Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun with us!

Louie the tracker have followed the poachers who had placed cages in the forest and one he even saw had a cage with a robin inside it! The poachers even though they are quite far from him now, Louie still has them on his sights until they finally reached a house in the middle of the forest. Louie watched them go inside it and after a while they left with nothing on their hands. It's clear they have left their bounty from the cages there, so Louie decided to get closer just to see what else he can find inside that house.

The house was actually not locked and when he entered there, he was confronted with more doors but those however were locked. Louie is really thinking about rescuing animals here, but he just estimated that he still has time so maybe, he will rescue them. Escape players, care to join Louie here and see if you can rescue some animals especially that caged robin? Be quick then and try to find clues as well.

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