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Impulse 02

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Check-out another sequel here where you will be tested of your guts and skills of escape. Impulse 02 is the newest point and click ruined city escape game created by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as its sequel.

Lowe actually managed to escape from the village he was living in and traveled quite far just to reach the nearest city. He still had no answers what happened but as he was about to reach the city on-foot however, an impulse came and that made him to look at the direction of the city. There was smoke there and countless of them too in different areas, there must be something tragic going-on in the city now, that got Lowe even curious, so he continued on his journey.

Lowe arrives at the city and he saw it was filled with destruction and was somehow abandoned! The buildings were filled with huge holes and there are army equipment everywhere. Looks like a war had just broke here, but still he had no answers what's really going-on so he kept venturing into the city. Escape players, want to join Lowe here once again so he can finally find some answers what was happening? Pay attention for the impulse then and stay alert.

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