Fantasy Snowman World Escape Game

Fantasy Snowman World Escape

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Try this escape adventure here in a cold but a wonderful place at Christmas. Fantasy Snowman World Escape is a brand new point and click winter escape game released by WoW Escape for more dose of fun escapes with us.

It's winter time and the land is now covered with snow, Brianna knows that for it happens every year in her town but the difference for this now however is that she wasn't even in her town but in a different place not familiar to her at all! Brianna was just preparing her house for Christmas when suddenly she realized that she is missing an ingredient for her cooking, that's why she went out of her house to get to the nearby store and the moment she went-out of her door, she found-out about the weird problem which somehow she cannot just step-away from.

Brianna noticed that she is not in her neighborhood anymore and when she looked back at her house, it was gone! She really didn't know where she was and how she even got there, was it a wormhole or something? Well maybe, but at the moment she is now in another neighborhood which had a lot of snowmen around, will Brianna be able to find clues where she was and get some help then? Escape players you can join in with her and see if you can solve this problem in the cold winter night.

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