The Lost Key (NSR Games) Game

The Lost Key (NSR Games)

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When you first arrived here, you thought this had the most amazing lock system ever. Gone were the days when you would always have the keys with you so you can enter through the door. This should be in every household as it brought so much convenience to you. However, a surprise came. The building supervisor gave you a key. He said just in case the keypad lock malfunctions, you still had something to use. You didn't give much importance to the key as you always wanted to use the keypad. For the next couple of months, you always used the keypad and you never encountered a problem. Not until you bumped the keypad while holding too many grocery bags. It sounded a tune but it still seemed fine. You didn't bother to check it. You were tired from the day's activities.

The next morning, you were about to check your mail when you noticed your keypad was not responding. You tried to use it once more but still it didn't work. Then you remembered the key given to you. You looked for it in your chest of trinkets. However, it was not there. So your search for the key started. Play The Lost Key (NSR Games) room escape game by NSR Games.

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