Park Escape (Nsr Games)

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Soon it will get dark in the park here and Johnny was definitely in a bad situation here for his friends are nowhere to be found and he feels abandoned there! Johnny have no idea why they just ran at one point and left while he was inside one of the structures of the playground there, but he soon got a little clue of why they could have ran and that’s when he realized that the gates in the park where they were are now locked!

This might be the core reason why they ran and they thought Johnny was with them? Well he obviously wasn’t and now he is alone in this problem here which he must solve or else he’ll be stuck in there until the next day. Escape players, imagine you are Johnny here and the situation is for you to solve and really, Johnny is more than ready to get out of there now. Will your skills and logic be enough on a situation such as this? Carefully move around the park there then and find your way to escape.

Park Escape is a brand new point and click outdoors escape game released by Nsr Games.

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2 years ago

NSR grief-programmers do not know how to handle inventory: key is by itself, and the slots of the inventory are by themselves.