Creator Almighty

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You spent the night flying through the air to get to this location. While on the plane, you dreamed about a couple. They were walking on the temple you were getting to. However, the earth shook. And they were separated. The temple was so big that looking for each other seemed an impossible task. However, you could clearly see each of them in your dream. And you really wanted them to reunite. Suddenly, you heard a voice from somewhere. You slowly opened your eyes and realized that you were already on the ground. The other passengers were getting ready to disembark. So you sleepily gathered your stuffs and stepped out of the plane as well. It was very early in the morning. However, you didn’t have enough time to rest. You prepared a tight schedule for yourself so you could get to many places.

You instantly went to the temple to explore. It was one of your must-sees in your list. And you knew that this was the perfect time for you to fulfill it. You walked around the temple when you saw a person who looked like the one in your dream. So you followed him around and realized he must be looking for someone. You turned to look around when you saw the girl. But when you saw the other, the other one disappeared. You have to get them together. Play Creator Almighty outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

Walkthrough video for Creator Almighty


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3 years ago

Cute idea. However, the programmer’s hands has to be transplanted up on their rightful place.