Castle Escape 2 (Nsr Games)

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That dark castle located on a top of that hill was always weird and dark, but that fact alone is only a deterrent to most but not all, for other people would still like to visit it even though they were warned and being held-back when they try to proceed all of the time. But that evening somebody managed to get through and that was a person named Malcolm.

Malcolm managed to get through the fences and other restrictions there, he managed to even set-foot on the old structure! But just when he was starting to get excited, something happened and it began when sparks started to fly from there! Malcolm knows that these sparks are coming from magic even though he was really dumbfounded by it, a thing that he was warned about many times for this place is said to be once magical, and it seems to be still is! Malcolm tried to turn back then, but unfortunately he couldn’t for now the door which he went through is now locked! Malcolm became very worried then and quickly remembered the stories which was told to him, he might not be able to escape from there and that was his big worry, he must though or he’ll become one of the stories about the place there. Escape players, want to help Malcolm here in the old castle which he entered before he loses his grasp to go on there?

Castle Escape 2 is the newest point and click old structure escape game from Nsr Games. This game is a part of the first game as the start of the series.

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