The Jay Bird Escape

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In the two-storey house in the wilderness, there are strange things there for the house is not really built to live in. Well it is a livable place though, but the problem is it is being used as an escape house and it’s most of the time off-limits to everyone. That day as the caretaker of the place, Angelo will be coming in again for he needs to fix the place for soon the house will be opening again to the public. But there was currently a problem there however and he needs to fix that right-now.

As Angelo enters the place, he is hearing a weird sound in there which he quickly tried to find, he did and it was a little weird but definitely concerning. Angelo found a bird inside one of the puzzles there and it’s a jay! Angelo was concerned for it could be that the animal got trapped in there for a while already and it could be weak to fly now. It doesn’t look so though and that means there is still a chance for it. Escape players, want to help Angelo here rescue the trapped animal for the thing where it is trapped has a difficult puzzle? It’s weird how it got in there now so be a little alert as well.

The Jay Bird Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for The Jay Bird Escape

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