Buoyant Sleeping Birds Escape

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There had been an extreme storm last week and the forest was definitely flooded, as a resident there Jasper did all that he can to save his place, his food, the stuff that needs to be dry at all times, and even some animals there big and small! Jasper was able to rescue animals from exquisitely rare ones to the most common, he did the best that he can which he can reach even though each time he had been uneasy. One of those rare animals he rescued were these two chicks and as it looks, the two are definitely born from this rare species of bird, but he isn’t sure what yet.

The storm had already gone and life is starting to return there, Jasper also freed the animals one by one, but as he was about to finish however, there was this problem with the couple chick birds and from then Jasper focused himself entirely on them. Jasper couldn’t open the house where he put the birds for the door seems to be locked! Or jammed. What is he going to do now for those keys to the structure had been missing for a while, well he needs to find it now for that is the only way or he cannot bring those birds back to its mother, wherever she is. Escape players, want to help here on this animal rescue with Jasper and see if you can solve this?

Buoyant Sleeping Birds Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Buoyant Sleeping Birds Escape


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