The Grizzly Bear Rescue Game

The Grizzly Bear Rescue

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The Grizzly Bear Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly for more dose of fun rescues with us for a dangerous animal. Enjoy!

The village here is pretty remote and it's weird enough how they really come-by and get the place to rise from the scratches they get from the forest, well actually there is something that they are doing in the place and it's definitely not legal. The town's leader is actually selling big animals to the market and all of it are wild caught! Harman just knew about this and it's definitely a no no to do that, people will definitely get enraged when they find-out about this, but as a resident of the place Harman must do his best to keep the peace here and also to stop this wrong-doing. So, he did something very dangerous and it could get him destroyed if he is caught.

Behind the doors of the town leader's house, he hides his next plunders from the animal that he will be selling, and that is a huge grizzly bear! He is surely going to get a lot of money for that, well not if the bear is still there. Escape players, Harman will try and rescue the bear by opening the cage and freeing the animal back to the wild. He must do this as carefully as possible for one swipe from that bear can remove his entire face easily, or if he is caught by the leader then he is also dead. Care to join Harman here on his rescue attempt? Go ahead then and good luck!

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