Thanksgiving Corn Land Escape Game

Thanksgiving Corn Land Escape

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Come and try this escape from the great outdoors! Thanksgiving Corn Land Escape is the newest point and click farm escape game from Games 2 Rule. Have fun!

The small village here lives heavily through the corn they produce, Joey lives there and he can surely see how the economy in the place moves. But one day however between the straw houses in the place, the corn had grown uncontrollably and at first they thought it was a good thing but unfortunately, it wasn't especially for Joey who happens to move in and out of the place to get by.

Joey was moving along the path hardly for it seems that the weeds have grown as well, covering most of the path but he knows eventually he'll get to where he wants to, well actually he won't for he did not expect that the corn field have grown really out of control. Joey realized he was lost in the cornfields in the middle of his journey, he doesn't want to be there until the sun goes down for really one can get even more lost when it's dark in the fields and everyone knows that can't be easy to escape from. Escape players, Joey needs help here on his escape, care to join in and see if you can also escape from his situation successfully? Go ahead then and good luck everyone!

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