Turkey Maize Farm Escape Game

Turkey Maize Farm Escape

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Turkey Maize Farm Escape is the newest point and click outdoors escape game created by Games 4 Escape. Best of luck on this escape adventure here around the farm everyone!

Leone had been chasing down his turkey around the maize for it's thanksgiving and by tonight, that thing should be ready in the table for the feast. The farm's area here is pretty big, there is definitely a lot of room here to prepare and get that creature back but well, that could be a real disadvantageous thing too for it could get dark and still that turkey is loose around the place. Well, Leone must get to work now and get that turkey tied-down so none of this will ever happen again today.

Escape players, it's definitely not going to be easy in getting that turkey back for it could be hiding around the tall cornfield and surely it won't be spotted. This challenge needs a little logic and ingenuity, care to join on this animal retrieval everyone and see if you can get that huge bird back at the house? Go ahead and try your skills here then, place yourself on the shoes of Leone and don't forget to have fun on this adventure!

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