The Dark Fence 23 Game

The Dark Fence 23

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You've seen a lot of strange things in your journeys. But you have yet to see strange people. It seems like you're all alone in your journey. And you're dying to meet someone who's really alive and not just acting like they are. Most of the places you're visiting have skulls and bones. Their souls must just be somewhere hanging around waiting for someone to give them a proper burial. Even if your feel bad about them, this is not the focus of your mission. But you do wish you could do something about them when all of this is done. You continue to go to different places trying to acquire every required item. And you've been very successful so far. But you're wondering what would happen if your success streak stops. Will you still be able to see the bright days that you wish to see?

You're wondering about a lot of things when you something catches your eyes. You're very sure that this will lead you to find the thing required in this level. Every moment like this adds a string of hope for you. And it gives you the strength to keep on moving towards the end. Play The Dark Fence 23 room escape game by Enagames.

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