Husky Escape Game

Husky Escape

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One day you went to the garden to realize that your pet husky is not in sight. You call to him but he did not come to you like he always did. You instantly head to your den and play the CCTV recordings. The screen shows two men who went over to your yard and they fed something to your dog. Soon, they are carrying him over to the other end of the fence. It's a shocking scene but there's no time to lose. Bringing the tape with you, you went straight to the police station but they can't help at the moment.

So you decide to look for the thieves yourself. Investigating the yard took awhile and you finally saw a matchbox with the logo of a local seafood restaurant. An then it all dawned on you. No wonder you hear a lot of barking whenever you pass by the place at night! This is going to take careful action to rescue your dog!

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