Viva Forest House Escape Game

Viva Forest House Escape

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More than the celebrities, you want to meet a royalty so much more. Celebrities can just easily go out in the open and have their picture taken by the public. Some are even kind enough to stop and let the fans have a picture with them. But royalties have many people surrounding them. They have some secret agents hiding somewhere always ready to jump into action to protect them. Their signatures can't even be made public. So you feel like it's much more meaningful to meet them. Then you happen to see an article about a royal family. You can't help but comment on how wonderfully they are performing their duties. You aren't expecting anything in return and you only air out your thoughts. However, it seems like it catches the attention of the people surrounding the family and would like like to give you a surprise.

But before you get to the surprise, you need to prove your character to them. It may seem a bit offensive for some. Yet you're taking things positively. If you have no bad intentions, then it'll truly show. You are to enter Viva Forest and perform some missions there. And you have no plans of failing. Play Viva Forest House Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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