Dark Palace Escape (Nsr Games)

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The castle near the town is ancient and not only that, it’s absolutely dangerous to enter there for a lot of people have tried, a lot of them also vanished in its halls. That day though one person was willing to ignore the warnings placed on that forbidden place and go in there, well that’s because he is greatly enticed with the adventure and the possible treasures that he might find in the place. That person is Maurice and he is ready. Guess the risk he is also willing to take, but rest assured that nobody will come to rescue him if something happens, for there is no way they’ll hear him in there in the first place.

Maurice now enters the place and it was absolutely creepy in there, creepy and dark that is. It was all good at first and Maurice have it under control, but that’s only for the moment and something is coming his way. Escape players, Maurice is slowly spiraling to an eventual problem there and it will be serious. Want to see what will happen to him and if you can ever help? Nobody will be coming for him there and that’s why he is going to really need it.

Dark Palace Escape is a brand new point and click scary ancient place escape game from Nsr Games.

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