Thanksgiving Underwater Party Escape Game

Thanksgiving Underwater Party Escape

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It's thanksgiving that day and as for you and your pals, you all decided to celebrate some of it in the underwater park which was weirdly still flooded. The water should have subsided but there it was and it is still there, well at least they can visit the place for fun and leisure. And so the gang went under to the garden which was suppose to be on the surface, but some of the area cannot be denied that it is underwater permanently even if the water is on its lowest levels. As you go, you thought you wouldn't get lost in there for the paths are all connected and the water is clear, but that confidence is going to need some payment though, and you really paid for it then.

You just got lost in the underwater terrain after you broke-away from your friends and now, you couldn't find them! You thought hard what you need to do next, your oxygen is still good and daylight is still there for at least hours more. You're just going to have to find them and quickly too for things can get pretty dangerous there if you are not careful. Escape players, come and test your skills here by placing yourself on the situation.

Thanksgiving Underwater Party Escape is a brand new point and click underwater escape game from WoW Escape.

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