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Rescue The Owl

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Every hunter in the forest has a look-out which is commonly an eagle or a falcon, usually a falcon for they can be faster than an eagle. It is typical arrangements in the place but except for one hunter though. One hunter has a pretty different look-out, and that guy is Gilligan who has an owl for a look-out! At first he was ridiculed for the species he has is not really fast but well owls are slow in flying but silent, that's what makes them a dangerous predator for their prey. Still his fellow hunters didn't believe in him until years gone by and Gilligan was unstoppable with his owl! They can hunt successfully and become successful almost 100% of the time! They even have the most catch of any hunter out there!

Gilligan was very thankful of his owl, but one day however it seems that somebody doesn't want him to win all the time or ever, for something happened to his owl! Escape players, Gilligan is going to need some assistance here for his owl is nowhere to be found! Well, he is about to find-out what happened to it so, will you help him on that so in the end he can get his owl back uninjured?

Rescue The Owl is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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