Tawny Owl Escape Game

Tawny Owl Escape

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Anthony has this tawny owl as his loyal companion and he wouldn't believe as he raised the animal that it was very smart! The animal responds to different commands and was all enough that the bird can be called as weirdly intelligent, guess it's one of those once in a lifetime individuals. One day, Anthony was with his tawny owl looking for things to purchase when the animal flew, he just allows it to for it is not the kind of bird which was being caged, the animal is still smart enough to go home later if it wants to. But that day however, it wasn't smart enough to escape from something though and upon looking for the animal for hours which was weird for it never usually takes it that long to return, he found it eventually inside an old house which wasn't used anymore and it was trapped in there!

Anthony saw his owl struggling inside the house trying to get out and poor animal he thought, that only fueled more of Anthony's rage to rescue the animal. Escape players, will you help Anthony rescue his tawny owl here which got trapped inside the old house? Do your best then and do what is necessary to rescue the owl.

Tawny Owl Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

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