Rescue Puppy From Horror House Game

Rescue Puppy From Horror House

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Jason's neighbor just called for help because her puppy accidentally escaped from her house and it ran directly to that spooky house just across the street. Jason was the only person there and of course he is obliged to help as a person and a neighbor, he must help for that neighbor of his had helped him countless of times in his gardening before, but he thought why does it have to be in that uninhabited scary house? Jason saw things before in that place and heard stories of it too which he believes for he had witnessed the paranormal there himself. Jason must take courage though if he wants to rescue the puppy for his neighbor is really determined not to go in there.

Jason used that as his strength and got ready, for finding that dog might be difficult and he might witness something in there which might make him faint. Escape players, come and help Jason here rescue the lost puppy in a haunted place which nobody would dare go into. Use your skills and logic as you enter the house slowly as well as carefully.

Rescue Puppy From Horror House is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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