Super Deluxe House Escape Game

Super Deluxe House Escape

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Will your skills and logic here be enough for the escape in just a simple house. Super Deluxe House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Games 2 Jolly for another fun adventure plus a daring escape!

Dianne likes the simple life and to really put that to reality, she rented a house in the outdoors and it's simple enough but not qualified to be called a conveniently luxurious place. Dianne planned to stay for a week but on her first day there she just wanted to rest and sleep, but little did she know that sleeping will have a pretty bad outcome even though it is good for everyone's well-being! In her dreams, she saw that she was inside the house she rented but somehow there are two things she is currently facing and it's very weird.

One of the first thing is that she could not open the doors of the house and the second one was, she could not get herself to wake-up! Dianne knows that she is in a dream for things feels lighter and really no matter what she does, she really wouldn't wake-up. Escape players, Dianne here needs help on something she really couldn't explain, want to help her out on this weird occurrence in her mind? Make haste now for all you know this will have a devastating result to her if she doesn't solve it quickly and it could be, for there's no rescue coming.

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