Thanksgiving Ruins Forest Escape Game

Thanksgiving Ruins Forest Escape

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Come and try this escape adventure here from an ancient civilization which was now being taken back by nature. Thanksgiving Ruins Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games for more fun escape challenges you can try!

There was this ancient and abandoned ruins in the forest and it's one in the books which was still a mystery even up to this day. The ancient walls there have trees growing in them and roots aimlessly hugging the rocks there. That is the place where Ericson decided to be on thanksgiving for his family is in a different country and he barely has budget to return home, so he just went on an adventure there and maybe for all he knows, he might find treasures in the place hidden between the ruin's stone walls! That's the idea in his mind, but sometimes or most of the time, things don't really go according to plan and for Ericson, it happened to him again.

Ericson was alone in the area that day as he takes a look at the ancient ruins and all the amazing trees growing from it now, but because the path seems to twist and turn from everywhere and the big trees covers the view ahead, he got ridiculously lost in the place and now he needs help! Escape players, this ruins will not help Ericson with his problem, so the only one that can help him now is you. Join Ericson here and may you all escape safely from this wilderness.

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