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Sunny Nature Fun Escape

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It's a sunny day and a perfect time to hike through the forest to get some fresh-air and overall serenity. That's what Michaela did for she hadn't been to the place for a week due to bad weather and a hectic schedule. She hopes that she can cover more ground that day and discover more of the green forest's beauty, there was a path going into the place that's why she is confident that she'll be able to return just before the sun goes down. Well she didn't really know how much splits on the path are there and those were enough to get her lost!

Michaela was able to cover more ground that day and she got lost because of the swirling paths of the place which she didn't expect at all. Escape players, there is a chance for Michaela to find her way back and safely too for the sun is still up, but there is limited time. Come and join in the escape here with Michaela, find your way out of the place quickly and carefully, for if you take the wrong path then it'll just lead you deeper into the forest.

Sunny Nature Fun Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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