Classic Backyard House Escape Game

Classic Backyard House Escape

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Traveling to the countryside where classical houses stands is not easy for there is some distance between the nearest city and the area. The other paths leading there are sometimes hard to pass through for it gets soggy after the rain and at times the entire way is filled with herding animals, that makes it impossible to get through until they move. Marcus was lucky for he never encountered any of those issues as he proceeds, the journey was hard yes but to visit his grandma though it makes the labor worth it. Marcus' grandmother is not really like she used to before, she needs taking-care of and that's why Marcus came for a week while his uncle goes to the city and process something.

A week passed and Marcus had done what he needs to do there, although he was not really happy to leave, he has to for he has work in the city. And so, Marcus went-out to the backyard a bit to get a final whiff of calm countryside air before he heads-off after his uncle arrives. But as he was there however, he came across a situation and it became quite worst! Escape players, come and check-out this escape adventure here with Marcus and see if you can solve whatever the problem is.

Classic Backyard House Escape is the newest point and click escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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