Stoneage Escape Game

Stoneage Escape

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Stoneage Escape is a brand new point and click ancient wilderness escape game released by 8b Games for more fun escapes with us daily. Have Fun!

Albert had this very important secret and nobody has to know about it, for when everybody knows then that could cause chaos not only to the society now, but to everything inside the fabrics of time. That's why Albert kept his fully-functional time-machine down the covers and he also rarely uses it, for it definitely works and that's what scares him. A few years after his successful invention, Albert decided to use his time-machine again just to visit the stone-age time, it's an absolutely dangerous decision for there are so many factors that could come-out and not allowing him to get back, but he still went and took the risk though, and now off he goes to the deep pasts of humanity's ancestors.

Albert is now at the stone-age era and the greenery just amazes him, for some he didn't even recognize which made him more curious of what animals could be living there, but unfortunately he got too curious and traversed the forest further, that definitely got him lost in there and now he can't find his time-machine anywhere! This is not good, for getting lost in the forest is already a bad thing, being trapped in the distant past is another and an even bigger one. Escape players, Albert must be very careful on his move here, care to join in with him and just see him through so he can escape out of the forest? Good luck on this challenge here then, enjoy!

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