Green Mountain Escape (8b Games)

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Jeffrey went out of his house that day, that’s because he has a new task in the forest there where he lives, and that is to find supplies like herbs and spices, firewood, and plants which he can use to make tea. It’s a mission that will most definitely take hours, but he must not take too long or he’ll be scrambling in the dark there in the night. Jeffrey spent the beginning of the early afternoon doing those tasks up to the end, but there was a problem with the final one though, for the sun is on its last hour before setting and Jeffrey is still not heading for home! That’s because he was actually lost!

Jeffrey did not expect this to happen, well he should have for a lot can happen in the wilderness there and it sure is most of the time not good. Jeffrey needs to get home to his cabin now before the light of the sun completely sets, but he is alone there on his task so he must do this himself. Escape players, imagine you are in Jeffrey’s shoes here, want to see if you can get a situation like this solved before the worst of this problem comes?

Green Mountain Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from 8b Games.

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