Rescue The Lion Game

Rescue The Lion

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Rescue The Lion is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games for more daring rescues here in the wilderness at night. Have fun!

It's getting dark now and Vernon who was a hunter is aiming for his small forest house through the wilderness, but along the path however he came across something and he was both mystified as well as jumpy! Vernon found an unusually big cage and inside it was a lion! Wait, what? Why is there a lion trapped here? It's weird for they don't really come this area even though the nearest grasslands where they inhabit are hundreds of miles away. The other thing was why was there a cage there for the only hunter he knows in the immediate area was himself.

The one who set it there could be poachers thanks to how heavy the steel was and it looked like they are already professionals on trapping. Vernon was absolutely thinking on what he needs to do, but even though it's dangerous on all fronts, Vernon still decided on getting the big cat out of there and as carefully as possible. Escape players, that lion is deciding also if it decides for a flight or a fight, but would you still join Vernon as he rescues it as quickly as possible before that trap-setter returns? Good luck.

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