Medieval Bedroom Escape Game

Medieval Bedroom Escape

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Check-out this old room escape here everyone. Medieval Bedroom Escape is another new point and click room escape game made by Genie Fun Games. Good luck on this challenge.

Mario just woke-up one day and what he saw first was, he is not in his room anymore! That's where he thought maybe the curse had finally turned one. A week before, Mario was the new guest of the medieval house and it was indeed old, it looked like it had been built in the Tudor times, he came to check some of the items which already had a warning not to touch them for various reasons, one was even about negative energy and stuff which Mario decided to ignore. And so he touched this specific item and he got a vision right-after! It's about him being trapped in the place and that was it, he thought it was preposterous for he is never coming back again there and just swept his experience to hallucination. Well we all know now how that went after a few days.

Escape players, the curse of that item he touched was now active, he is now trapped in the medieval house for the doors there could not be opened. He totally believes this place now, but what got him pondering however was how he even got to the house overnight? Well it's curses, escape players why don't you join Mario here as he tries his best to escape from this old structure? Good luck then and enjoy escaping from this weird occurrence. Have fun!

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