Can You Escape 2 (8b Games) Game

Can You Escape 2 (8b Games)

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Can You Escape 2 is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by 8b Games. Best of luck on this escape adventure built just for you!

In the deep greenery of the mountains which was far away from the city, there are houses there and nobody knew if the place is inhabited or not, but it's mostly the latter. That is where Paul was going to go for as a census person, he must tally all the people in the country even if they live in the mountains. It is a dangerous job sometimes especially when these kinds of requests comes out, but that's why he always has his team so that everyone can be safe. On that adventure though, Paul must continue alone for the trail is getting dangerous, the team just set a camp below nearby and he can just return if the check is over. Sadly, Paul let his guard down on the last minute and that definitely got him in trouble.

Paul saw that there was actually no people there, that's strange for the reports had delivered that there is at least a hundred of them living in the place, but then he decided to just leave before it gets dark and extra dangerous in the area, well that ain't going to be an easy task though and also, it's not good for something just mysteriously happened! Escape players, care to join-in with Paul here on this fun wilderness village escape game? Go ahead then and enjoy with this one.

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