Stirring Land Escape Game

Stirring Land Escape

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The forested area only gives one thing to travelers, and that is to stir them to confusion by presenting them with various puzzles and if they can't solve it, then they'll have a really hard time navigating back out of there, that's why they called the place stirring land for reasons such as that. So people need to be smart whenever they go to the place? Well they must or they won't be able to get out of there, and so because of that fact, Monroe decided he'll try his luck in the forest or his smarts for that matter if he'll be enough to successfully solve the puzzles.

That is one risk he'll be doing, for if ever he can't solve the puzzles there then he can't get back, there is this potential too that he may get lost in the place forever and never to be seen for again! Escape players, Monroe is going to try such a challenge here as you can see, will you bode well too if you'll face the challenge as well? Go ahead and give this a go then!

Stirring Land Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game released by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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