Cave Island Escape

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The island just off the coast can only be accessed by boat, it is a small patch of land which Harry owns. The place is filled with caves and that day, Harry decided to check it out again just to see what he can do to the area. And so Harry took his small boat and arrived at its docks, everything is pretty much the same there and the first thing he thought, maybe he’ll construct a resort there? But that will have its own problems too and those aren’t small either. So he is stuck exploring the place, figuring-out what more he can do it other than turning it into a resort.

Hours later, Harry was exhausted and out of ideas, maybe he’ll get more of those when he studies more of the place’s location and other factors. But then when he was about to leave though, he encountered a problem and it’s all about his keys which he couldn’t find! Escape players, Harry here is currently stuck in the island for somehow he had just lost his keys to his boat! How though? For it was with him throughout the time. Well maybe he dropped it so he just needs to retrace his steps and find it. Escape players, the place is not too big here but finding some missing keys there is still going to be difficult. Will you help Harry here so he can return home before dark?

Cave Island Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Live.