Shepherd Woman Escape

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Paul’s wife is a woman who loves hard work and most especially when she likes what she is doing. She definitely likes shepherding and because of her insistence, he taught her how and lo and behold, she was actually very good at it! Paul’s wife was even able to do this shepherding thing delicately, a thing Paul can’t do really for all his life he really wasn’t graceful. She also does this thing together with the goats and what a feat she is accomplishing bringing together animals which Paul is actually having a hard-time doing. He leaves her alone with that now for she knows what to do, but that day though something seems off and that got Paul’s attention pulled.

Paul noticed the goat and sheep herd was not stable, so he looked for his wife and she was not there! Paul wrangled the animals then while in search of where his wife might be. Thanks to the clues he found, he located her and actually she was trapped in one of their big sheds there in the field! So that’s why she was nowhere to be found, of course Paul will help her for she needs it. Escape players, will you help Paul here too for currently he is having some trouble in opening the shed. Find items for him and anything that can help in freeing his wife from there.

Shepherd Woman Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Shepherd Woman Escape

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