Shepherd Escape

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Morning is starting to break and the farm lands needs to be maintained for the day. Animals are starting to wake-up and their calls for food and water as well as cleaning must be met. As a farm-boy, Mac understands that he wakes-up the last from the farmers for he is still pretty young and inexperienced, but that day however he was mystified why he woke-up first than the farmer who was his boss! Did something happen? Probably, for the farmer doesn’t miss a day in his errands. And so Mac went to the farmer’s house to check on him and that’s when he confirmed that something did happen.

Mac found the farmer trapped in his own room and he is struggling to break-free! Had he been doing this for an hour now? For it had been an hour since he was suppose to wake-up. Mac of course will help his farmer boss but without force though for the farmer had already dealt that to his door but still it wouldn’t budge. There must be another way now, will you be able help Mac out escape players with your skills and logic so that the farmer can escape from being trapped in his room?

Shepherd Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Shepherd Escape

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