Serama Chicken Escape

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Dale’s poultry’s farm is very much successful now and is getting even more so through the years, that’s why he was able to buy imported chickens now in certain breeds for he was also a hobbyist of them chickens. Recently, Dale got this new chicken breed from Malaysia, and it was the so-called bantam species the Serama. It was a beautiful rooster indeed and he was absolutely happy that he got one. It was small but doesn’t lack in beauty. But this one however was very feisty and would always run around the place. Dale is barely keeping-up with it, and because he wasn’t that day the creature managed to escape his farm!

Dale got very concerned then for he doesn’t want that new rooster of his gone especially that he had waited for so long to acquire it. He is now all-over the place trying to find it. Escape players, looks like Dale is not going to stop here until he gets his Serama bantam back. Want to help him then for right-now he was still barely keeping-up in finding it. Look for random clues and tracks which can potentially lead you all to it and be ready too, for a rescue might be needed here.

Serama Chicken Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Serama Chicken Escape

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