Painter Girl Escape Game

Painter Girl Escape

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Join this rescue here and see if you can help someone who is in-trouble. Painter Girl Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by 8b Games. Best of luck!

Your new suburban house needs some help, well in-terms of a new paint yes that's what it needs. Luckily you knew about the painter girl living nearby and she is quite an expert on paint and stuff. You went to her just to get her advice and she welcomed you in her home as a guest. You were both talking about motifs and stuff as well as a concept of what you need to accomplish, the girl was absolutely an expert and she even decided to get her kept records to show you some examples and give you inspiration. The people here are pretty kind, but little did you know though that your kindness will also be tested there.

You were just looking some stuff in her home when suddenly, you heard her scream for help! You quickly went into action and there you realized she got trapped in her own room? What, does she not know her own place? Well the girl had helped you so it is of great gesture that you help her as well for she is trapped and the only help she'll get was from you. Escape players, will you be able to rescue the girl from her own room where she is trapped? Bring-in your skills and logic then, good luck.

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