Malaysian Serama Escape

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Jerome finally have his long-time sought after Malaysian Serama rooster, he had been dreaming to have this variant of chicken since he began with his hobby of collecting chickens of different breeds, and you bet this one is going to go in his special barn where all the other special roosters of his are kept. But before that though he needs to prepare its little corner so in the meantime, he stays inside this small cage in his house until he is done with what he needs to do.

Jerome spent the entire day fixing-up the new Serama’s corner, now that it’s finished he’ll take the critter and put it there so it can begin to acclimate in its new surroundings. But as he was about to do that though there was a problem, for he could no longer find the key to the cage and it’s not in his pocket! Jerome fears he might have dropped it in the field outside and that is a real problem, for he doesn’t know if he can find it in the tall rushes there. Escape players, Jerome’s new Serama here cannot stay in that small cage, so he needs to find that key now and bring the rooster to the barn then. Will you help him with this by bringing-out the best of your skills on the search for that key?

Malaysian Serama Escape is a new outdoors animal escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Malaysian Serama Escape

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